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flat-lay image of archival Fluke devices on a workbench

Designed in the Pacific Northwest

  Kris Ladera

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Past < Present > Future

Industrial Design in the Northwest is not just a regional story.

Products here have set world-class standards by saving millions of human lives, providing comfort in flight, and ushering in the computer age.


This is the place to capture the stories behind the products, connect the people who share in this collective history, and inspire a new generation of product designers.


The Northwest Industrial Design Archive (NWIDA) is a living resource for design and craft told by the people behind the products.


It is intended to be a highly visual and interactive tool designed to scale by creating simple templates that make it easy for "archivists" to participate, publish their work, and post their stories. 


Whenever possible, 3D data sharing will be encouraged, to be experienced in new viewing formats like augmented and virtual reality.


It will start as a proof of concept in the Northwest with every intention to open it up to worldwide contribution.

Dell King

John Fluke Manufacturing Company

1977 Fluke 8020A

"World's first handheld digital multimeter"

image of Dell King holding the world's first hand-held, digital multimeter

  Kris Ladera

a selection of archival technological innovations from the region

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Images courtesy Kris Ladera.

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